About Us

Friends of Brookside is a community association of Wellesley residents dedicated to protecting and preserving Scenic Brookside Road, Longfellow Pond, Town Forest, Rosemary Brook, Brookside Community Gardens and Centennial Reservation. The "Brookside Area" boasts natural beauty in all seasons and is the seat of much of the town's history


The area provides clean water, valuable habitat, and various forms of recreation. We love and cherish the Brookside Area and we're passionate about preserving it for future generations. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the Brookside Area from any threat that would compromise this vitally important and sensitive resource. 


Our efforts include: 

  • Area Cleanup Days
  • Sponsoring community events to raise awareness of safe environmental practices
  • Working with like-minded groups to advocate pro-environmental policies
  • Educating the public on why we are all stakeholders in preserving the Brookside Area

Town Resources

Wellesley is fortunate to have an active Natural Resources Commission.

If you have any questions regarding the watershed or land use issues please contact the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission at (781) 431-1019, ext. 2294


Please visit our Resources Page for other informative links.