The Brookside Area is Home to Diverse Wildlife:

Unexpected Bird Sighting in Rosemary Brook

This Black Crowned Night Heron has been spotted in Rosemary Brook in the early morning hours by resident Michael McManus.
We initially thought it was a baby heron, as it keeps company with our Great Blue Herons, but we checked with our local bird expert, Elissa Landry, and this is what she had to say:
"Wow! Not a baby heron, but a full adult Black-crowned Night Heron. Very nice bird!! The unusual thing about the Black-crowned night heron is that most of them nest in Boston Harbor and beyond. The young are often seen at the Moody Street dam in Waltham and in Watertown about this time of year. But an adult this far inland is pretty unusual. I am very interested if you or anyone else sees it again."
Have you seen this bird in your neighborhood? Please let us know!

Beavers, too!

Rosemary Brook, adjacent to Scenic Brookside Road, is the site of a two-story beaver dam, as well as a large beaver hut along the lower Town Forest Trail. The dam is a popular hunting perch for birds, and the perfect sunning spot for our turtles. It's a great hangout!

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