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Sisters of Charity, 125 Oakland Street

Preserve Trees and Wetlands through Conservation Restrictions prior to a sale. 

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Wellesley College North 40

Wellesley College has announced plans to sell the 46 acres that comprise the "North 40."

Wellhead Protection

"Wellhead protection areas are important for protecting the recharge area around public water supply (PWS) groundwater sources." MA DEP Bureau of Resource Protection.


Friends of Brookside is dedicated to building on the efforts of Town departments, boards and committees concerning the Rosemary Brook alluvial aquifer and beyond.


It's possible to have both safety and stars

Environmental Considerations

Friends of Brookside supports efforts to reduce pesticide, fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide use in our town and beyond. 

Alternate Locations for Wellesley Country Club Maintenance Facilities

Wellesley Country Club filed plans to relocate and build their maintenance facilities. The Community asked the Club to locate the new buildings outside of our Riverfront Area and Well Head Protection Area.

Turtle Crossing Signs

Friends of Brookside donated new Turtle Crossing signs. We partnered with town officials to have them installed along Brookside Road. Read about the project and see photos.

Scenic Brookside Road

Wellesley Annual Town Meeting, Article 30, Motion 1

At Wellesley Town Meeting on April 5, 2011, Town Meeting Members voted overwhelmingly to designate Brookside Road as a scenic road. 


This initiative began in the summer of 2010 at the Wellesley Planning Board and received town-wide support during 9 months of meetings and public hearings, culminating in a "Yes" vote at Town Meeting. 

Verification of Potential Vernal Pool

We have retained the services of Patrick Garner, Wetland Scientist, Hydrologist, PLS to address the following concerns:


1. Whether the potential vernal pool (PVP) qualifies as a vernal pool (VP) under the Town by-law and under the Wetland Protection Act (WPA).
2. Whether this same area also qualifies under the Town by-law as Isolated Wetlands, and
3. Whether the Alternatives Analysis for impacts within the Riverfront Area are adequate as defined by the Wetlands Protection Act.