Volunteer and Town-affiliated organizations dedicated to environmental causes - Join Us!

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 13th, 9:15 AM, Wellesley Free Library. Contact nrc@wellesleyma.gov for more information.



Welcome to the Wellesley Green Collaborative, a quarterly gathering of environmentally minded organizations.


The goal of the Green Collaborative is a simple one: bring together the people who work towards making our town more sustainable. Meetings provide opportunities to share initiatives, brainstorm, and when possible, combine efforts. Topical speakers often present.


Participants in the Collaborative include neighborhood associations, houses of worship, environmental groups and representatives from town boards and departments. Each group has its own focus, but all are committed to protecting and improving Wellesley’s environment.


The Collaborative builds on Wellesley’s considerable assets, such as our Sustainable Energy Committee (SEC), which works to lower our town’s carbon footprint; our innovative Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF) which has led the way in recycling for over 35 years; our Natural Resources Commission (NRC), stewards of our town’s lands which provide recreation, valuable wildlife habitat and much of our town’s water; and of course, our involved residents.


Join us, individually or with your group. We meet at the Wellesley Free Library. Contact us at sec@wellesleyma.gov to learn our next meeting date.


Wellesley Green Collaborative Participants



Friends of Brookside is a community association dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural, historic, recreational and scenic resources within the Brookside Area: Scenic Brookside Road, Longfellow Pond, Town Forest, Rosemary Brook and Brookside Community Garden. Six of our Town's drinking water wells tap into the Rosemary Brook alluvial aquifer, which makes the area a Wellhead Protection Area and a Water Supply Protection District. We organize neighborhood initiatives like cleanup days, advocate for less pesticide use, and sponsor educational films and seminars to raise awareness about the sensitive and valuable resources we inhabit. We partner with the Green Collaborative and Town departments to improve Wellesley's natural environment, and we meet a lot of talented, dedicated and nice people along the way. We all have a stake – join us! www.friendsofbrookside.org


Friends of Morses Pond Association (FOMP) is a group of citizens interested in issues affecting Morses Pond. There are no requirements for joining, and everyone interested in the Pond is encouraged to attend FOMP meetings. The Association works on two fronts to preserve and protect the pond:

1. When state and local issues arise that affect Morses Pond, FOMP is the voice of citizens who care about the well being, utility, and aesthetics of the Pond and its environment.

2. FOMP officers keep in close contact with Town of Wellesley officials: Natural Resources Commission, Board of Public Works, Recreation Commission and the Board of Selectmen, the most important Town departments concerned with the Pond.

FOMP holds meetings where members discuss Town actions and policies that affect the Pond. Members also work directly to maintain the health and beauty of the Pond, by holding periodic cleanup days along the Pond's shores and by harvesting of weeds and invasive plants, primarily water chestnuts. FOMP can be contacted at 781-431-2411 or 781-686-6363.


Friends of the North 40 is a group of concerned and passionate Wellesley residents that care about the environment and the importance of undeveloped land in the Town of Wellesley.  Our mission is to save forests, fields and wetland properties in Wellesley for current and future generations.  Currently we are engaged with the 46 acres of land located north of Wellesley College and bounded by Route 135, Weston Road and Turner Roads. The North 40 is home to varied wildlife, a vernal pool, trail system, and community gardens. We work and support conservancy work done by our local Wellesley Conservation Council and The Town of Wellesley's Natural Resources Commission. More information can be found at friendsofthenorth40.org.


Friends of Recycling (F.O.R.) is a citizen’s group that strives to have fun doing good things for the environment. F.O.R. traces its beginnings to over 30 years ago when recycling started in Wellesley. Its mission is to enhance awareness of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), encourage education, provide citizen input to the RDF, and promote the 3Rs in Wellesley and beyond. The most visible program done by F.O.R. is the “Take and Leave” volunteer program at the RDF where residents can “shop” and turn one person’s cast away into another’s treasure. For more information, contact Kathy at 781-235-7600 x3345.


League of Women Voters of Wellesley is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. For more information contact: president@lwvwellesley.org.


Sustainable Wellesley is a volunteer organization that initiates and encourages sustainability in and around Wellesley. (When did you hear a good argument for doing something that was UNsustainable?) We organize events, promote learning and encourage action through programs of our own and those shared with the Town and other organizations. Please:

1) Join us at events, posted on www.SustainableWellesley.com, and Facebook

2) Share your ideas and enthusiasm with us: info@sustainablewellesley.com

3) Sign up for our newsletter for simple solutions to lower impact living: www.SustainableWellesley.com

4) You recycle but you are wondering what you can “do next” in your home/lifestyle.

We put our very best ideas into a few simple and powerful checklists for you to use.

Get the first one at: http://www.sustainablewellesley.com/checklists


Temple Beth Elohim: We believe it is ethically imperative for Jews to work toward lessening our environmental impact and thus uphold the Jewish ideals of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedek (justice), and bal tashchit (prohibition against wanton destruction).

The TBE Green Committee will seek to:

  • Encourage integrating these values into the operations of our new building
  • Educate our community about ways to integrate these values into their daily lives
  • Encourage working with broader outside communities in both education and advocacy for sustainability.

Contact Edwin Jaros at ejjaros@aol.com


Unitarian Universalist Society: UU Wellesley, formally and historically known as the Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills (UUSWH), is a faith community that draws seekers from Wellesley and neighboring towns. We are part of a liberal religious tradition that welcomes people of different backgrounds or faiths who share values but not a specific creed. UU Wellesley often appeals to interfaith families and to people who have moved away from their religions of origin. uuwellesley.org


Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project (WCPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that studies the relationship between cancer and the environment in the suburban setting with the goal of reducing health risk factors for the citizens of Wellesley. The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project was founded in 1997 and advocates for public and private policies to reduce cancer risk. Visit www.wcpponline.org


Wellesley Conservation Council is a land trust that acquires land and accepts easements to preserve open space for the enjoyment of the public. The Council's mission is to preserve and protect the natural environment and wildlife in Wellesley and to encourage its appreciation through education programs and publications. Every household should have a copy of "Walks in Wellesley" which is a comprehensive guide with maps for exploring Wellesley's open space and trails. Visit the Council's website: www.wellesleyconservationcouncil.org.


Wellesley Green Schools is a collaborative group of students, parents and staff working together to reduce the schools’ ecological footprint and inspire them to be ecologically minded citizens. The goal is to inspire students to create a healthy sustainable world. Together, we can help Wellesley school students learn environmental responsibility through various waste and energy reduction, and other earth friendly initiatives. This in turn will help create healthy, sustainable, schools and community. For more information, or you have ideas to share please visit WellesleyGreenSchools.com.


Wellesley High School Climate Action Club is a student-run club that promotes initiatives to raise awareness about climate issues and encourage sustainable practices at Wellesley High School. Our mission is to emphasize the importance of actions and habits that help guide our school and town community toward greater tangible appreciation for the importance of environmental stewardship. Contact: Eleanor Boyd Eleanorjboyd@gmail.com , or Cort Breuer Cort.bbreuer@gmail.com 



Christ Church

First Church of Christ

Friends Meeting

Friends of Fuller Brook

House and Garden Club of Wellesley

Rotary Club of Wellesley

Smart Growth Wellesley

The Hills Garden Club

Wellesley College

Wellesley Garden Study Group

Wellesley Hills Congregational Church

Wellesley Village Congregational Church






Board of Public Works (BPW) - It is the mission of the Board of Public Works, acting through the Director and Managers of the Department of Public Works, to provide services to the Town in a cost effective, accountable, responsive, safe and efficient manner, according to generally accepted municipal standards and with a dedication to excellence. Paul Criswell, Chair, dpw@wellesleyma.gov.


Board of Selectmen – The Board of Selectmen serves as the chief executive board of the Town, and as such, oversees all matters affecting the interest and welfare of the community. The Board exercises the authority vested in the Town not specifically assigned by law to any other board of office. Ellen Gibbs, Selectman, sel@wellesleyma.gov .


Natural Resources Commission (NRC) - It is the mission of the NRC to provide stewardship of, education about, and advocacy for the Town of Wellesley’s park, conservation, recreation and open space system so that the full value of the Town’s natural assets can be passed onto future generations. Brandon Schmitt, NRC Director, nrc@wellesleyma.gov and on Facebook.


Planning Board – It is the mission of the Planning Board to assist in the creation and maintenance of a functional and attractive predominantly residential community through attention to municipal planning and project review. Catherine Johnson, Commissioner; Michael Zehner, AICP, Planning Director, mzehner@wellesleyma.gov.


Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF) - Wellesley is a leader in municipal recycling. The RDF's objective is to operate and maintain recycling, disposal, and refuse collection systems in an effective and efficient manner in order to protect public health, prevent pollution, and conserve energy and natural resources. Construction of a new recycling facility was completed in December 1997 and includes a baler for recycled paper, cardboard and plastics. The benefits of the new facility include cost savings and revenue enhancement, along with the elimination of long traffic lines at the various residential drop-off areas. All materials are processed in an environmentally, operationally and financially sound method. The grinding of residential and commercial brush and the composting of leaves and grass clippings are also done on-site to further the Town's waste stream diversion rate. The expansions of the Book Exchange, Yard Waste and Metal Drop-off areas have reduced traffic queues and improved residential participation in recycling. The Book Exchange continues to be a very popular area. Jeff Azano-Brown, Superintendent, dpw@wellesleyma.gov


School Committee - The mission of the Wellesley School Committee is to support the mission of the Wellesley Public Schools by setting educational goals and policy, hiring and overseeing the Superintendent of Schools, and approving a budget that will enable the schools to provide an excellent education to the children of Wellesley. school_committee@wellesleyps.org


Sustainable Energy Committee – The Sustainable Energy Committee is a Town Committee of seven appointees charged with monitoring and coordinating initiatives to reduce the Town-wide and Municipal carbon footprint, based on goals set by Town Meeting. The SEC’s monthly meeting agendas and minutes are available on the Town of Wellesley’s website. For more information, feel free to contact the Chair, Ellen Korpi at korpi@comcast.net.


Trails Committee - Wellesley Trails Committee is a volunteer town committee under the Natural Resources Commission that is responsible for developing, promoting and maintaining the town's trails network. There are 26 miles of marked trails in town for you to explore and enjoy. We have five long trails that interconnect open space in different parts of town and nine shorter trails in woodlands. Please join us on one of our free, guided walks. Trail maps & descriptions, walk schedules, and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at www.wellesleytrails.org. You can also connect with the Wellesley Trails Committee on Facebook


Wetlands Protection Committee - The Wetlands Protection Committee is empowered by the NRC to implement and enforce the Wetlands Protection Act and Wellesley Wetlands Bylaws for the best interests of the wetlands and their flora and fauna whilst ensuring that the human residents are able to enjoy living in close proximity to these treasured resources, and understand the need for restrictions on activities within the resource areas. Julie Meyer, Wetlands Administrator, nrc@wellesleyma.gov