The following publications make reference to the Brookside Area and its environmental, geological, historical, and cultural significance.



History of the Town of Wellesley, Massachusetts by Joseph E. Fiske


The Web of Life Around Longfellow Pond by Beverly Morrison, Linda Kohlbrenner and Margarethe Kulke, and beautifully illustrated by Peg Birch, serves as an educational resource guide to Wellesley’s teachers and environmental aides who visit the area for field observation. 
The Geological Story of Wellesley by Katharine Fowler-Billings
Five Pounds Currency, Three Pounds Corn, Wellesley’s Centennial Story by Beth Hinchliffe


Walks in Wellesley, Exploring Wellesley's Open Space by Margaret Klein Wilson

If Stones could Speak by Peter Golden, Wellesley Weston Magazine, Winter 2010/201, Part I
Charming…Lively…Humble…a Total Joy (Wellesley’s Sheridan Hills/Standish Estates neighborhood combines residence, recreation, and education) by Beth Hinchliffe, Wellesley Weston Magazine, Winter 2007/2008


100 Years of History at Wellesley Country Club by Betsy Lawson, Wellesley Weston Magazine, Fall 2010

Healthy Land, Water and People, by Liz Suneby, Wellesley Weston Magazine, Summer 2013