Friends of Brookside Donate Turtle Crossing Signs

Friends of Brookside donated new Turtle Crossing signs for Brookside Road. We partnered with Sue Webb, Wellesley's Animal Officer, and the Selectmen's Office to install them along the busy turtle crossing areas of the road. 


Turtle Signs in Wellesley, Wellesley Townsman, June 9, 2011


Please drive slowly and be on the lookout for our four-footed female friends. Note the direction of her travel - she's either heading towards the golf course to lay her eggs or back to Rosemary Brook if she's finished. There is no persuading her to change direction. If you move her to safety, please move her in the direction she was headed. If you are able to notify cars of her existence on the road please do. Always maintain vehicular and pedestrian safety. And keep at a safe distance, turtles can snap! 


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